For a background check provider, security should be EVERYTHING!

At U.S. Information Search we make a commitment to our clients. We will never take lightly that they entrust us with sensitive information about their employees and job applicants.

We always have and always will make any investments necessary in order to provide a platform and infrastructure that is optimized for efficiency, dependability, scalability, and security.


Our scalability has been designed so that you never have to worry about performance or response time.

With an enterprise level architecture, our platform is built for speed and can support over 20 million transactions per month.


Security is integrally woven into every element of our platform in order to give you peace of mind.

Our systems are designed to protect you against threats such as spoofing/splitting, session hijacking, injections, cross-site scripting, and numerous other attacks.


The enterprise architecture used by the U.S. Information delivers 99.99% uptime. Our ISO-9001 fully redundant collocated data centers use high density blade servers on separate internet backbones.

These investments enable us to deliver system availability on par with leading technology companies like Google, Paypal, Amazon.

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