Webinars and Demos


Through a series of short videos, we can help you find beneficial solutions. The following are some of the topics we look forward to demonstrating to you:

  • Understanding background check options
  • How an applicant can pay for a background check
  • The adverse action process – required when you will report a criminal record
  • How an applicant can electronically authorize a background
  • 4 steps to background check compliance
  • Background Checks for franchisor’s
  • How to order a background check on a potential franchisee
  • How to order a basic criminal search
  • How to protect your franchise brand
  • Ordering your next rep background check
  • How one of our client’s enables their applicants to order and pay for their background checks
  • How to order a comprehensive criminal search
  • How to collect references, past employers and other information online from your applicant
  • How to order an electronic drug screen
  • How we help some of our clients by setting up landing pages for them

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