Background Checks and Increasing Consumer Safety

Background Checks and Increasing Consumer Safety

While Background Checks have become a prominent means of security screening used in government and large businesses, its use
is becoming imperative in the small business and consumer realms.

Consumers may be at risk when employing un-checked in-home service workers as well as health care, child-care workers and any individuals interacting with children or seniors.

Federal and local laws may not require background checks for the service industry or other small businesses, Background screening may prevent violent felons, child molesters and those with a criminal history from access to unsuspecting consumers. Screening the criminal history of these individuals enables consumers the necessary information in order to make safer and sound hiring decisions.

The National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) issued a press release commending NBC correspondent Jeff Rossen for his report declaring “the critically important role background screening plays in today’s business environment”

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