Nanny with Criminal Past Cleared Background Check

Nanny with Criminal Past Cleared Background Check

A nanny agency in Texas is in the news. Unfortunately, it is the kind of news that none of us want (see article link below).

The nanny agency ran a background check that came back clear and the nanny was placed with a family. When the parents came home one evening they found the nanny drunk and passed out.

Fortunately, the nanny was fired and children were not hurt. When the media heard about this they ran a detailed background check and found extensive records.

Background checks can be confusing because there are different types and different sources from which you can obtain records. The following are our recommendations:

1. Use a background check company. Free searches on the Internet or even local searches through a Government source may only show local results.

2. A detailed Criminal Background Check should include a Social Security Trace, Multi-State Criminal Search, and County level searches in the Counties of residence for the last 7 years.

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