Boston Proposes Enhanced Background & Court Document Reviews

Boston Proposes Enhanced Background & Court Document Reviews

A new Massachusetts State Law may cause a change in policy for Boston Public Schools. Enhanced background checks will include fingerprinting of all staff members and the possible review of court records to determine if multiple legal events may be an indication of poor character even when there are no criminal convictions. The Superintendent of schools will recommend the policy change concerning fingerprinting but has concerns in allowing officials more power to review non conviction court records as they may present an invasion of privacy.

Boston’s current policy disqualifies individuals based on an applicant’s felony convictions deemed “crimes of violence” and occurring within the previous five years. This includes specific crimes such as rape, indecent assault and battery or selling drugs.

If adopted, these new policies will allow access and review of court records and the ability for school districts to widen their criteria for denial of employment within the Boston Public Schools.

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