Issues With On-Line Mugshots

Issues With On-Line Mugshots

Criminal background check accuracy is imperative when making and maintaining hiring decisions. A reputable Background Check company can provide current and complete information pertaining to the status of criminal arrest and conviction records. However, there are companies who are using the Internet to take advantage of the immediate nature of arrest and mug shot information.

Employers must consider the employee or potential hires rights. In the interest of fair practices, criminal dismissals and non-conviction results may only be found through a proper criminal search. Photographs or “mug shot” information may have resulted in a dismissal or be out of date yet are immediately available online.

Individuals may be unaware that websites have posted photographic “mug shot’ information online in order to humiliate or create revenues as these websites often charge a fee in order to delete the photographs. This may occur even in cases where criminal charges have been dropped, dismissed or otherwise handled without conviction.

Proper background searches will enable employers to obtain accurate criminal history and resolution information and most importantly, treat individuals fairly in a legal and moral manner.

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