N.Y. Senator Wants More Extensive Background Checks

N.Y. Senator Wants More Extensive Background Checks

In light of the recent child pornography arrests across multiple states, Senator Charles Schumer of New York is calling for a more thorough screening of those inspaniduals who work with children.

The recent child pornography case resulted in 70 arrests including inspaniduals who worked as a baseball coach and Boy Scout leader. This has raised concerns. It has become clear that all inspaniduals who have access to children must be screened to be sure that they do not have a criminal history as sexual predators.

While background checks and criminal records search within the state have been conducted, more extensive background checks that include FBI database searches will allow for accurate and up-to-date information across state boundaries.

Senator Schumer proposes giving organizations such as day care centers, children’s charities and summer camps access to FBI background checks in order to protect children.

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