Professional Background Companies – A Worthwhile Investment

Professional Background Companies – A Worthwhile Investment

Background checks have become standard when considering a prospective employee. Many small businesses may choose to forgo this process or do a simple check on their own believing there is a lot of free information available online. For many reasons, there needs to be caution when doing this. Simply “Googling” an individual’s name may provide inaccurate or incomplete results. 

Most legal experts agree that hiring a professional background check company is the safest way to protect your employees, clients and your business. 

Benefits of using a professional background check company

1. Inexpensive – While there are a number of options when selecting the type of background check to run, they are inexpensive compared to other costs associated with the hiring process and the cost of hiring the wrong person can be extremely high.

2. A more thorough search – A background check company has tools and resources not available to an employer. 

3. Protect your company from a lawsuit – background check companies become your partner. They follow set guidelines established in the Fair credit Reporting Act this leaves less grey area. Some of these requirements are: 

a. The applicant’s permission is required under the law. This alone may encourage full-disclosure from an applicant. There is also evidence that job applications may contain false information, often about education, past employment or references. A professional background check can investigate more thoroughly in order to verify information. 

b. Professional background check businesses utilize an individual’s social security number as the “key”. This enables access to proper names, former names, address  and work history information. Criminal background information access varies and is controlled by state, county and federal courts. Local and national sex offender registries may also be searched more accurately, and in a wider area, as part of a professional background criminal search. 

c. If the background check results leads an employer to decline employment, the Fair Credit Reporting Act requires a written letter from the employer notifying an applicant and disclosing a reason.  

d. Professional background check companies provide a thorough method for obtaining accurate information. As Federal and local laws evolve, background check professionals will monitor and update employers on procedures and their responsibilities. 

In the end, the investment in a professional handling this information is worthwhile and may protect employers from costly mistakes and legal entanglements.

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