State Rules Differ for Sex Offender Information

State Rules Differ for Sex Offender Information

Some states allow an individual to petition to be removed from a sex offender list. Fortunately, states are creating laws to protect children by strictly regulating day care center licensing.

For example, in 2008, the Virginia General Assembly made it difficult for both non-violent and violent sex offenders to be removed from the state sex offender registry.

Many States require sex offenders to update their residence and personal information annually. Some who are considered “transient” must update their information every 30 days. Not all sex offenders may be represented online as public disclosure is permitted and the requirement to register may be based on the type of sex crime committed.

Some states have implemented laws requiring criminal background checks for all employees prior to allowing unsupervised access to a child. Licensed childcare centers must follow the state laws and regulations implemented to protect children.

Parents must be thorough when choosing childcare facilities. They should be asking pertinent questions and their own investigations to ensure that facilities or individuals are licensed and conducting background and criminal histories of those who have access to their children. This includes investigating the agencies reputations online as well as the state regulations regarding sex offender monitoring and registries.

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