Understanding The TSA Pre-Check

Understanding The TSA Pre-Check

In order for frequent airport travelers to reduce time consuming long security lines, the Transportation Security Administration now offers a “pre-check” service.

An enrollment fee is accompanied by an interview and a background check. The TSA will then send you to a preferred wait line and treat you as a VIP which allows you to leave your laptop in its case, leave your shoes, light outerwear and belt on and keep a bag of liquids and gels in your carry-on.

While this sounds ideal for the frequent traveler, there may be privacy concerns as the personal information obtained will be tracked by the government and may be maintained indefinitely.

The “pre-check status” includes finger printing and does not guarantee that you will avoid the standard TSA screening including a full body scan or pat down, be approved for this service or notified as to why you were not approved.

The information collected will be held in a database for 75 years. Fingerprints may be used for background checks and the same criminal database is checked by the FBI, state and local law enforcement as needed to solve crimes and link arrestees to other crimes.

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