5 Ways Screening Services Cut Down On Employee Turnover

5 Ways Screening Services Cut Down On Employee Turnover

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Employee turnover can take a stunning toll on your business. On average, employee turnover costs you $75,000 per employee, and that makes keeping your employees not just good for your culture, but good for your bottom line. Employee screening services can help you reduce turnover and hire the right team, in a multitude of ways. Here, though, are the five most important.

Keeping Away The Unqualified

Part of the issue with any hiring process is screening out the resumes that are so blatantly unqualified for the role you wonder why they even submitted their resume. While no tool can completely remove this noise from the hiring signal, announcing you do background checks will alert those thinking about applying that you’re paying attention to resumes, and theirs is not going to somehow “slip through.”

Eliminating The Bad Eggs

Of course, not everybody is smart enough to realize they can’t outwit a background screen, and some are arrogant enough to think they can bluff past it. Screening your applicants finds the people you genuinely don’t want in your company. You’ll find the people who lie on their resume about their credentials, those who have exaggerated their work history, and those who may not have quite as impressive an educational career as they might claim. This not only reduces turnover; it cuts down on liability, fraud, and customer issues.

Finding Those Who Can’t Work

It’s not often talked about in glossy HR magazines, but many industries will often come across a great candidate who, for a variety of legal reasons, simply can’t work for you. It’s not a great conversation to have with the candidate, but it’s a very real concern businesses need to be aware of in hiring. By being able to check the legal status and criminal history of your employees, you’ll know exactly who you can hire without having to remove and frantically replace them.


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Speeding Up The Hiring Process

A background check eliminates much of what used to slow hiring to a crawl. Instead of days waiting for references to get back to you, you can get back an applicant’s full history in hours and add that data to your consideration. You don’t have to make endless calls to professors and academic departments to verify a candidate’s education. In some cases you won’t even need to check references. Every step of the way, from initial screen to final interview, you’ll be able to speed up the process by knowing exactly who’s in front of you and what they’ve done in the past.

Eliminating Legal Issues

“Oh, I just look up the candidate on social media.” These are the words every hiring manager, HR department, and recruiter dread hearing. Leaving aside, for a moment, that looking at a candidate’s personal accounts can open a company to legal liability in a myriad of ways, think for a second about what you see on social media and what comes up in a Google search. How verified is it? Has it been checked against records? Are you sure the candidate didn’t simply change their social media accounts themselves?

Using a professional service covers both the employer and the employee, limiting liability before it can become an issue. So when hiring, make sure you’re using a good employee screening service; it’ll ensure you find the employees you want to keep.

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