2017 Testing shows Illegal Drugs  at an all time “HIGH”

2017 Testing shows Illegal Drugs  at an all time “HIGH”

The Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index showed that over the last 12 years illegal drug usage is on an upward trend. This occurs among all populations including “general workers” and those who are Safety-Sensitive.
In Summary, “4.2% of workers tested positive for one of the most common illegal drugs, compared with 4.0% from last year, it is a relative increase of about 5%”

‘Employers who intend to run a drug-free workplace should take note, and make sure their drug-testing program is in order. It is legal to drug test your employees, and prospective hires, but like any background screening program, it must be carefully designed to comply with regulations.’
Currently, The drugs at highest occurrence are the following:

-Cocaine: Positivity for cocaine increased 12% year-over-year, 

-Marijuana: Positivity for marijuana continues to increase across the workforce, very strongly in the past 3 years.

-Methamphetamine: Positivity for amphetamines, including methamphetamine, generally continues to increase, continuing a trend since 2012. 

Just because someone has tested “clean” during the on boarding process does not mean they will remain that way.
U.S. Information supports a full series of tests. Have your employees tested and re-tested if these concerns apply.

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